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Browse over 20,000 events from our ever growing interest catalogue to find the stuff you’re interested in.








Simply follow your interests by one quick tap. This automatically sends any events relating to the followed interest straight to your interest feed.

One tap to follow

Its super easy to follow your interests, it can be done in one quick tap.

Seamless integration

Socialite does all the work behind the scenes, sending events relating to your followed interests straight to your feed.


Personalised Feed

All of your followed interests are aggregated into a single, personalised feed so that you can see what you have to look forward to.

Automatically updated

Times and dates are subject to change, so Socialite automatically updates them when they do.

Ordered by date

See whats coming up in the next few days or next few weeks in your curated stream.


Be notified

Receive automatic push notifications to remind you of upcoming events.

Every morning

Push notifications get sent every morning that you have something going on.

Never forget

You always remember when your favourite things are happening.


Never miss out on the things you love.

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"Fantastic app, so useful and keeps getting better and better! This is perfect for staying updated."

Really useful

"Great for keeping up to date with US TV show dates and upcoming film releases. Looking forward to this app progressing!"

Fantastic app!!

"Excellent app, incredibly useful for keeping up to date with upcoming events like film releases or football matches!"